Friday, August 19, 2011

~1 week appt~

Eme had her 1 week appointment with her pediatrician, Dr Penalver, on Wednesday the 17th. When she was born, she weighed 8lb 7oz. When we left the hospital, Friday the 12th, she weighed 7lb 15oz. At her Dr appt, she weighed 8lb 10oz! She also grew 1/2 inch! No wonder she eats so much! Haha! She is now in the 87% for her height (21inches), 75% for her weight, and only 26% for her little head. She passed all of her tests with flying colors... she's been holding her own head up since birth. It's funny to think about how well she's doing, and how alert she is... but it really helps that she spent an extra 8 days just hanging out before birth! She goes back in a month, and I'm already so curious as to what her measurements will be then!

Emerson's hates...
sponge baths
diaper changes
having a wet/dirty diaper

Emerson's loves...
her pink binky
being swaddled with her hands at her face
having that FRESH clean diaper
Stevie Wonder
her swing

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Nicole said...

ketorilsWhat a healthy girl!! SO glad to hear she is doing well and growing nicely! I can't wait for her 1 month stats either...the most fun part of well visits! :)