Friday, August 19, 2011

~First Milestone~

Throughout the night, Josh and I share the feeding duties. I fed Eme at 1230a this morning, so when she got up at 430a, Josh got up with her... then she got up again at 830a. I got up with her, and Josh was in the shower. She and I were on the loveseat while she ate, and Josh came up and asked me if I'd changed her yet. "Nope!" Wanted to feed her, and then get her dressed for the day, and figured stripping her down twice would be HORRID for our little girl. :-) Well, when Josh changed her at 430a this morning, her cord came off!! That means REAL baths! Though, like my mom said this morning, I don't really see how she's going to love baths, seeing as how she pretty much hates anything that doesn't include having clothes on... but, we'll see! Our little one eats 3oz a feeding now, up from almost 2 when we left the hospital. She's got one HEALTHY appetite! But with all the growing she did last week, it really doesn't surprise me.

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