Thursday, February 3, 2011

~Week 15~

It has been such a CRAZY few months! We are 1/2 way through our 15th week... which means we are in our fourth month. I cannot believe it! Though we look at how many days we have left practically daily, the time does seem to be going by faster than I had originally anticipated. I have the slightest belly now, which is a definite FIRST for me, and I have NO waist! Most moms want to take pictures of their bellies, and watch that progression, but I feel like most of my changes have been to my waistline. Josh and I will for sure be taking pictures shortly to post.

Even in the midst of pregnancy exhaustion, I have a pretty busy schedule. Working in ministry is a FULL time job for sure! Besides our Tuesday-Friday work days, I have weekend services on Saturday and Sunday, along with a bible study lead by me, a devotions group that meets on Friday mornings at 6am, and Team camp, which is a church wide activity on Thursday evenings. Really doesn't leave me with a ton of free time. However, I work for some pretty incredible people, and have been able to step back whenever needed.

We find out in about 3 weeks what we're having! I CANNOT wait. Josh just wants a healthy baby, but I know secretly he is aching for a boy! I really want a girl, but like him, really just want a healthy happy baby. The Chinese birthing chart says we're having a boy. I went to the store and bought one of those at home gender prediction tests, and it was 100% boy. The night before I took the test, I called Amber to tell her I was planning on doing it, and that night she and I both dreamt that I had a boy. So, according to these signs... it's a boy. So now we wait and find out who was right. The charts, dreams and kits? Or my family. My entire family is SURE we're having a girl. So, I'm curious to see who's right!


Alyssa! said...

I say boy!

Michelle said...

the chinese calendar told me Owen was a girl... you really can't rely on that lol! I guess we will see soon enough, as long as it's healthy :]

Nicole said...

I am hoping you have a girl(only because I have two and think they are so much fun to dress up)...boys are so sweet though and I see you being a wonderful mommy no matter what!

Can't wait to hear more and see pics!