Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After a busy day at work, I came home to relax and catch up on reading. I borrowed a series from Lindsey McKinnon, and as cheesy as it sounds, it's a series she's got in her classroom for her 6th graders to read! They're really good books though! They're by Scott Westerfeld, and the first book of the series, which I'm ALMOST finished with, is called The Uglies. They remind me to a degree of a book called The Giver, by Lois Lowry. If you haven't read either please do so! Anyway, I had had a rough afternoon, so when Josh walked into our bedroom with a bouquet of flowers I instantly started thanking him! He chuckled, and told me to read the card, that they weren't from him. His parents had come by and dropped of this gorgeous bouquet as a thank you for hosting Thanksgiving. How sweet is that? They seemed to really enjoy Thanksgiving at our house, and I'm so happy to know that they really did!

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Alyssa! said...

I loved the Uglies! I have the second book, but I haven't finished it.. another one I started & then didn't finish! Hope you enjoy it!