Saturday, August 7, 2010

~The Harbor With Katie Sue!~

Yesterday when I got off work, I took my sleepy rear out to the new Clancy's Coffee in downtown Tacoma. The amazing Mr Josh Barnard had a big hand in opening the shop, and it's such a fun place to be! Our cousin Katie Sue works there with Josh, and the 2 of them were closing together. Once the shop was closed down, Katie and I headed out to her house for dinner and some girl time. Katie lives right in downtown Gig Harbor, and you can sit and enjoy Gig Harbor Marina from her dining room table! After a fabulous dinner courtesy of Katie, we decided on a walk through town for a yummy dessert treat. And good news, Katie and I are HOTTIES in Gig Harbor! :-) After scoping out which home we'd live in given the chance (if you haven't wandered this part of Gig Harbor, i definitely suggest it, BEAUTIFUL homes!) we found a fun and cheesy photo op. After our walk, we enjoyed giggling over pictures taken over the years, and Katie showing a video taken of her and a couple other missionaries in Papua New Guinea, going WEIGHTLESS in a small plane! EEK! not an idea of a good time for this girl! Needless to say, time with Katie is always completely enjoyable! We are so blessed to be able to call such an incredible girl family!

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