Saturday, August 7, 2010

~Clancy's Coffee~

Several months ago, Josh came up to me and said "I think I'm going to pursue firefighting. What a great way to live an attitude of servitude, laying down my life to save others." What wife wouldn't be excited to hear those words? One of the sexiest careers out there, and MY husband has set his mind to making it a career! He sat down with a man by the name of Steve Rawson, whom he's known for a while from the YMCA. After hours long conversations with Steve, it was mentioned that Josh had never worked "under" anybody. Being a real estate agent for years, he's been his own boss. And, our belief is that you can only lead to the degree that you can submit. So submission started. Josh turned all of his focus to helping Steve open his second Clancy's Coffee. With a successful drive through in Enumclaw, they decided to take on the city, and the shop, and open a fully functioning coffee shop, complete with incredible food, from the local bistro, Minoela . Their soft opening was just 2 weeks ago, and they're doing beautifully! With the successful opening under his belt, that amazing Josh has turned some of his focus back to firefighting. I'm so proud of this guy!
We promise Ken was excited as Shannon and I were to be at Clancy's!

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