Saturday, August 7, 2010

~Bidding Michelle And Owen Aloha~

At the end of May, our Brother In Law Derek got sent to Oahu for a job through his company. And at the end of June, Michelle and Owen hopped on a plane to join them. So, we gathered some family and a few of Michelle's closest friends, and spent the evening enjoying each others company! Within minutes of dropping Michelle & Owen off at the airport days later, we changed our plans of taking a road trip through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, and had purchased tickets to spend those 9 days on Oahu with the Patseys instead!

Me, Michelle & Leah
Michelle with the Mason family
With our Auntie & Uncle Paul, or "Uncle" as Owen calls him
Michelle & Leah
Tyler & Alyssa
With Lindsey Borg
With the McGee Family
With Aunt Donna, Cindy, and sweet little Wyatt
With Aunt Wendi & Katie
Michelle & Katie
With Sarah Spellman and her little man Aiden

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