Sunday, December 13, 2009

~The Ceremony~

Ok- so first, I have to apologize because there are approximately a million pictures in this post, and unfortunately there are in no sense or order! We had such a great time, and Miss Stepheni Mason at Mason Jar Photography got SO many great pictures, I think we're literally only showing a handful of what we got from her! Thanks again Stepheni!

Amber & RJ after the ceremony

Linds & Steve after

Derek & Michelle afterwards

Owen was NOT having the whole "prince costume thing" another minute!

Uncle Joshie & Auntie weren't paying attention to their favorite little boy, and it definitely shows in this picture!
I don't remember what Roger said but i was enjoying it!
Whoever thought that placing a ring on another human being was a good idea....

Gotta keep those cute babies entertained!

HaHa! I love that Jessica is bossing Owen around "You don't belong on this side!"

Roger showing off a picture of his gorgeous bride Tina!

Kissing my mom at the end of the aisle
Uncle Bill "UB" and I right before we walked down the aisle
Keeping the mood light!
Our stinking adorable flower girls about to do their thing!
Sharon & Justin
Adam & Angie
One of our PRECIOUS ring bearers!
Ray & Leah

I think this picture was right before we got to kiss and seal the deal! Told ya'll there were a ton! :-)

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