Sunday, December 13, 2009

~The Reception~

Again... sorry for the billion pictures in this post, though I believe it's SLIGHTLY fewer than the last post, but again, in no particular order!

With Josh's sisters, Angie & Robyn

I have no clue what Mandy and I are discussing, but it appears to be serious business!

With my Mama after the ceremony

Signing the marriage license
Josh showing off his stellar skills!
Derek & Michelle
Chatting with my Mama
Albree caught the bouquet!

Josh's mom just kept crying and laughing and saying "I can't believe my son is married!"
Derek giving us a show
getting ready for Josh to get the garter
Owen dancing the night away
Robyn was shocked by the distance I got when I tossed the bouquet!
Josh's turn
Cutting the cake

The girls filling out the guestbook
Trent caught the bouquet! I babysat him as a toddler!

Chatting with some great ladies I used to work with at the dental office
With my cousing Alyssa
We got "booed" at our own wedding because we wouldn't shove the cake in each other's faces!

What the heck??
Aren't they cute boys?
The Barnards

Dancing with my Uncle David
Getting ready for the long shot!
Once again we want to thank Stepheni Mason at Mason Jar Photography for such great pictures! And thanks to all of our friends and family who worked SO hard to give us such an amazing day!

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the fritz family said...

silly whore... you are stunning! hahahah! love you oodles! james thinks you are hot by the way