Sunday, November 29, 2009

~Group Shots~

FYI~ TONS of pictures to follow! We had a great group of loved ones surrounding us on our day~ and therefore have close to a million pictures to show off! everything from the kids playing with a cat during group pictures, to Josh getting love from Derek!

Owen being patient and waiting for his turn

Just making sure Sharon knows where her contacts are...reason #482 i love Sharon!

Gotta love Derek
Derek & Michelle lovin' on us (Matron of Honour & Best man, my sister & his best friend)

Jerell, one of Josh's best friends from school & Robyn, his baby sister
Josh getting a good kiss in from Derek, his best man

Jessica Shea & Savannah with the barn's resident cat

Ray & Leah Stroud, two of the greatest friends we could ask for!
Lindsey, Josh's 2nd wife, Steve the "other" in his bromance, & Jessica

Josh's sister Angie & his college roommate Adam
My partner in crime, Sharon, and Josh's great friend Justin
Our AWESOME pastor, Roger Archer
Giggling with Sharon & Linds
Kiss that face!

Getting a kiss from my baby sister!

My best friend in the world, Amber & Joshs long time friend RJ

Sweet, blinged out Jessica Hiatt

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the fritz family said...

I hope you understand how BEAUTIFUL you are! It sickens me to look at these pics. Why do you think I wanted you to take me shopping? TO LOOK LIKE YOU! You are just gorgeous and your bridal party? OMG! Adorable! I love everything. Oh yea, and Josh doesnt look to shabby either. hehe, STUD! Love you sweetie!