Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~house stuff~

Being home has had its advantages... being with Emerson, not missing out on her by working, taking care of my home and my family, etc. But it also has a disadvantage... CRAFTS! I have made several tutus, and have painted the living room, dining room and both bathrooms. I made my own table runners, and christmas stockings. I've painted candlesticks, and made my own table settings for this Thanksgiving. I am really making up for lost time here! I've posted a few pictures of things I've been doing in the last few weeks!

I made 3 table runners, this one for the sofa table, which will be the "bar" on Thanksgiving, and 2 for the tables where we'll be eating!

I made these stockings! I haven't sewn since high school AND I made my own pattern!
And thanks to Pinterest, I will never have to buy another stocking holder again, i LOVE the way the curtain rod looks!

Spray painted this B red, and cut a hole in the bottom to make it a tree topper... $6 tree topper that I LIKE!

Small bathroom... Can't really change out the vanity, because we rent, and painting is one thing, but changing out cabinets is QUITE another, but this room is no longer peach with hideous wall paper

Big bathroom... I'm debating whether or not to paint the floors... I painted the walls, and drawers/cupboard doors, and ceiling. Looks WAY better than it did!

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