Wednesday, September 7, 2011

~First Smiles~

Miss Emerson has decided to start gracing us with REAL smiles! Yesterday morning she gave Josh a couple big ones, and me as well!! No pictures of them yet, we're still learning what makes this girl smile! Hoping to get one soon!

Eme is 4 whole weeks old today! I can't believe I've spent 28 days with my little love already! She melts our hearts daily. She is down to one wake up a night, which is phenomenal for both Josh and myself. I take "first feeding", which is generally between 230-330a, and then Josh gets up with her in the mornings, around 8a, and I can sleep in! It works really well! Gives Josh time alone with her. He works so much he comes home some evenings and just takes her from me telling her "I haven't even gotten to HOLD you today!" And she LOVES her daddy... when he talks to her she just stares at him, and when he walks off, she contorts herself to watch where he's going. It's so precious!

Eme will officially be one month on Saturday, the 10th, and we have our good friend Mandy's wedding that afternoon. It'll be so fun to dress her up and take her out for a "fancy event!" It's got me itching to find a fun outfit for her! :-) I have to go through her clothes today, because some of the newborn stuff just doesn't fit anymore... I'll have to wash them, and pack them away for miss Kennedy, who could be here within a few weeks!

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