Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~38 weeks, 1 day~

Well, we went to the Dr again today, and I am 80% effaced. And, somehow Emerson has managed to drop MORE. So, it's just a matter of this squirmy girl pushing my cervix open and joining us! The last time they checked, they told me if they HAD to give me a percentage of effacement they would say maybe 10%. So Dr Majors says I've done a lot in the last week! Lost another .5 lbs, but Dr Majors isn't concerned. I went and had Cold Stone Ice cream for lunch to try to make up the difference! :-) He is givng me hope that we could have her before our appointment next Wednesday, so let's see!

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Nicole said...

Oh my! That is SOOOO exciting! I can't wait! Keep the updates coming!!!