Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~The Nursery~

It has taken forever to get Emerson's nursery together. Josh works 60+ hours a week, and with me working 6 days a week, the energy was NOT behind the desire! So, I had some AMAZING young ladies come over and help us put it together! Jessica, Amber, Becca, Laura & Hailie are girls who do the Ministry Institute at work, and who I've really gotten the chance to fall in love with over the last year. Michelle and Owen came over too, and while the girls and Owen painted (Michelle isn't far enough along yet for the paint fumes to not be harmful) she painstakingly put together the armoire for me. There is NO way I could have done this without these guys!

Too bad we don't have Hailie Michelle & Owen in this picture, because this one is being framed to put in the nursery, so Eme knows who was here to make her room all pretty for her!

Owen helping paint in my shorts, that sadly, are SO TINY it's embarrassing that I actually owned them... and yet... they're practically bungeed around him!

Though we aren't finished yet (have to hang her chandelier, her wall cling above her crib, and her shabby chic frames) it's so nice to know it's ALMOST ready!

Becca and Amber painting, and man, I LOVE these girls!

Michelle is making sure the bedding is "showroom" quality. Her OCD worked beautifully on that cirb! :-)

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