Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Early morning ultrasound~

We had another ultrasound of Emerson this morning. We went to see Dr Majors last week, and Eme was all squirmy, so he could actually see and feel her. Though my uterus is big, he was thinking she'd still be a little girl, and ordered the ultrasound to weigh and measure her. This morning, bright and early, Josh, Amber Alseth and I went to see her. She is fully engaged, and face down just like she's supposed to be. We could see that she has some HAIR! She is weighing right about 5 lbs, so she should weigh between 6 1/2 - 7lbs at birth. She was being her usual "wild woman" self, and we got to see a good picture of her face again. It is looking that she actually has Josh's mom's mouth! So fun! We got several pictures today, which are still conveniently sitting on my desk at work, so I'll have to upload them later. We go back to the Dr on July 6th and have our first check of the cervix, checking for softening and dilating. We're getting so close!

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Nicole said...

Coming down to the end...ultrasounds are the best and one of my favorite parts of pregnancy! :) Enjoy the last bit of being pregnant!