Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~Students vs. Staff~

We're so bad at this! Sorry we're so far behind!
A few weeks ago Puyallup Foursquare hosted a Students vs Staff basketball game. So just as it sounds, the Foursquare staff played against the students. Fun for us because Josh was asked to COACH the students! He of course led the students to victory, and we got a few fun pictures in the mean time! The supporters of the Staff team wore white, and the supporters of the students wore yellow. I have NEVER worn yellow, and so I actually had to go and BUY a shirt for the event!

Josh coaching the students
Yoel coaching the staff!
Hanging out at 1/2 time... is it even called 1/2 time??

Even though Christina was rooting for the other team (her husband is our college age pastor Drew) we had to sit together and treat it like high school! It was a great night!

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