Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~And to Alabama they go~

Have you ever known somebody a very short time, and known that they would somehow be in your life forever? That's what it was like with Stephanie. We met my first day at Cardiac Study Center, and just clicked. Her hysterical personality and quick wit was always entertaining, and at the same time, her drive to be GREAT at whatever she's doing was inspiring. Unfortunately for me, Stephanie just left to make the BIG move to Alabama. Her husband got into flight school (Yay Jake!) and though I'm super excited for what their life is leading to, the woman in me is sad to see a dear friend go. So, the night before they were due to leave, Josh and I drove down to Lacey to see Jake and Steph, and kiss her sweet baby James!

Teri, who also works at Cardiac Study Center, thought James might enjoy this pen... little did we know how MUCH he would love it! He was totally captivated!

I just ADORE those sweet blue eyes and those chubby little arms! I'm gonna miss playing with and holding this sweet guy while he grows up! Looks like a trip to Alabama is going to be in my future!


Brittany said...

Okay, I'm sorry your friend is leaving....

But, I'm pissed I didn't get a phone call after the engagement! When is the big day?

jakob, stepha, and mr punkinhead said...

OMG! It took me about 10 minutes to read that and I had to look away about a dozen times in between, to stop CRYING. Its so true. You are such a dear friend and we love you so much. JR misses you too! He thinks your a hottie. :-) xoxo