Sunday, May 31, 2009

~Grand Cayman~

While on Grand Cayman we went to a Rum Factory, a turle farm, Hell, & Stingray City. After all the touristy things, we wandered around Georgetown. Seeing as how AGAIN we have a ton of pictures, here I've just uploaded the first part of the day. Stingray City & Georgetown will be in an upcoming post!

It was so early! We had to be off the ship at 7am, and in our minds, that was 4am!!!

Waiting for our tour to start

At 9am people were ENJOYING tasting the many flavors of rum the caribbean is known for! No thanks!!!

After the rum factory, we went to a turtle farm, where we actually got to hold the little guys!

I seriously was wanting to tuck this guy under my arm and just bring him home with me!

We actually met a great couple from Montana who were so kind to take pictures of us together. I was sure that all we'd have together would be self portraits! Ha!

I've wanted to go to Hell as long as I can remember. Though, I was totally disappointed! Ah well, at least I'll never want to go back!

Josh in Hell

Me in Hell. We actually sent ourselves and our moms postcards from here! They get stamped from Hell and everything! Funny!


Stepheni said...

HI never knew that hell existed! Well you know what I mean ;)

Nicole said...

I can't believe you held a turtle!! I don't think I could do it! LOL :)