Sunday, May 31, 2009

~A Fun Day At Sea~

The first full day on the ship was spent at sea, heading towards the Cayman Islands. We took the opportunity to check out the ship, and really relax and revel in the beginning of this incredible vacation!

Kicking back and relaxing, nothing but blue ocean around!

Doing devos in the middle of nowhere, watching for flying fish and hoping to see a pod of dolphins (we didn't get to see the dolphins, sad!)

It was so great to be up and laying in the sun before 10am!

We got to putt putt golf in the middle of the ocean too!

Josh's prize winning photo catching my final putt into the hole

I could just sit and watch the sea forever

Posing for the self portrait

We had the formal night our first night, and Josh thought he'd rock his tie like the Fresh Prince of Belair!
Trying to get a great shot with the sunset, unfortunately it was so windy I could barely keep my skirt down!

At the dinner table

We came back after dinner to my FAVORITE animal as our first towel creation!

I had to get a good snuggle in!


jakob, stepha, and mr punkinhead said...

hoooooochie mama! you were gettin reeeeeally close to that towel animal. i bet joshie was all sorts of jealous! okok.. you look HOOOT in your kini's. i am so jealous. my booty is just a tad too big for those. :-) love you!

Nicole said...

You look amazing and it looks like tyou and Josh had so much fun! I loved the towel animals too. LOL :)