Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, I got tagged by Michelle to post Josh's 10 favorite things... like Michelle, I don't think these will exactly be in order, but here goes!

10~ Basketball.... his FAVORITE! he has spent countless years focusing on perfecting the sport. When he's not in some sort of rec league, he's found ways to have it on television, whether it's pro ball, college, street ball, and this year... lucky me!... the OLYMPICS!

9~ Real Estate. I know the market is horrid, but even when Josh is working with nothing in escrow, he's loving what he does! He loves to meet new people, and get them excited about buying or selling. He has invested time and money into trying new and exciting things in the real estate market, and goes to national conferences to make sure he is on top of his game!

8~ ACN. Seriously. In September he went to an International meeting in Detroit. He came back so spun up on the whole idea and possibilities that come along with ACN, that I pulled his sister aside and asked her to keep energy drinks away from him, and told her he may need a nap. He has kept this excitement for it since, and LOVES learning every aspect of it and sharing the enterprise with everybody he comes into contact with!

7~ Cooking. He is my very own "Bobby Flay" and I love it! He can take just about any recipe and make it his own, and have it taste like absolute heaven! He even BBQed our turkey for Thanksgiving last year! He watches the Food Network, and gets a ton of great ideas from the various shows!

6~ Fishing. He doesn't get to go enough. When he was studying to get his real estate license he would go out to Ohop Lake, sit on the shore, fish and study. His goal is to have a stocked pond on his ranch so he can go any time of day, just down the way and bring back dinner.

5~ Dreaming. Josh can dream all day long. He's got 8,000 different ideas as to what he wants in life, and loves to talk about what he could do and how he could do it. From ranches, to traveling, to cars he would drive, homes he would build, he reaches for the stars and refuses to let speedbumps get in the way. He just keeps on smiling and getting excited for his next big dream!

4~ End Times. Josh is such a multi-level thinker, which is rare for a man. :-) His knowledge of the End Times to me is absolutely incredible, and he is continually searching and studying to learn more, so he and his loved ones can be prepared for the days ahead. I know that to some of you that my sound crazy, but a man who is looking to protect my eternity is pretty stinking awesome to me!

3~ Energy Drinks. The man has an obsession. He drinks them daily. The thing is... they don't do much for him. He can have one at 10pm, and go straight to bed. I'm sure that there are plenty of other drinks in the world that taste similar and don't put all that extra crap in his body, but he sticks to his energy drinks. And, honestly, it doesn't really matter which brand he has. He's not particular at all!

2~ Walker, Texas Ranger. For real. Chuck Norris has become a staple in his home. It's on several times a day, and though Josh doesn't watch much tv at all, outside of basketball, somehow I've managed to see at least 1/2 of all episodes of Walker. He likes the character so much, that he has decided that the name Cooper (after Walker's alter ego, Hayes Cooper) will be the name of his first son. I wish I was kidding.... it's a good thing I like the name Cooper, huh?

1~ Loved Ones. Josh cherishes his family and friends, and loves to spend time with them. He would give his right arm to make sure that the people he cared about were taken care of and happy. I love that he loves MY family also, we spent many an evening over at Derek & Michelle's hanging out with them and Owen. Watching him play with Owen absolutely warms my heart!

OK girls! Your turn!
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Brianne H. said...

oh, you stinker!! okay... i'll follow through by tomorrow! ;-)

Brittany said...

K, that was a cute post...but, now that I'm tagged, I'm not liking it so much. I need to update my blog, so I guess this will get me going...thanks girlie!