Friday, February 19, 2010


Over President's day weekend, we got the pleasure of going to Disneyland with Troy & Lindsey! We had such a great time! I know it always helps to travel with one of your best friends, and these guys are definitely 2 of the easiest people in the world to be around!

We went and watched "It's tough to be a bug".... and suffered minor injuries with the interaction of the theatre, but loved it!

Waiting to go on Indiana Jones
So call me weird, but the instant i saw these gas pumps i KNEW i had to have my picture with them! They look just like the ones on Pearl Harbor... but sadly... no Ben Affleck in uniform...
Cruella Devil was HYSTERICALLY cranky!
Seriously a super fun ride... and all we did was whip around in the dark and shoot at the letter Z!
God bless Troy and his planning skills, he set reservations for all of us to go to dinner for Valentine's day at this trendy restaurant in town called Fire & Ice

Toy Story Midway Mania... such a FUN ride!

Funny story... we wait in line to get our picture taken with Pinnochio. We get all ready to take the picture, and Josh says "I'm a real boy!" and gets ELBOWED by Pinnochio~ hence his laughter in the picture!
Mickey was WAY nicer...

On our way up to Beverly Hills
Josh got interviewed by some Spanish TV station while we were checking out Rodeo Drive!

At Sunset Grill trying to be tough... you know we are!


the fritz family said...

its about damn time you updated your blog. i swear... james thought that pics were cute too... hes got a crush on you. te he! glad to see you get out and have a good time, even though you are married! hahaha

Nicole said...

so much fun!! Looks like you all had a blast! We are heading over to DL onMOnday with the excited!! Cute pictures! :)