Monday, October 12, 2009

~Out with the girls, the Bachelorette party!~

For my bachelorette party Michelle tracked down some of my greatest girlfriends and we met up at her house, before heading out to Chopstix in Tacoma.
Miss Alejandrina PJ!

A sexy little outfit courtesy of Leah!

Alei, Leah, Michelle, Robyn, Angie, Stephanie, Amber, Lindsey & Me

Michelle & I on our way out!

Me Angie & Robyn

Dont let Amber tell you anything different, she was loving it!

Me & Miss Leah

We roll deep yo

Me Stephanie & Michelle

Amber Leah & Me

Me & Linds

I stopped smiling shortly after this picture was taken. The pianist was getting SO gross, that I got up and told him I had self respect... and we left! To home we go!

Leah Amber & I watching 16 Candles

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jakob, stepha, and mr punkinhead said...

I am so sad, again, that I wasnt able to have such fun with you. I am happy that you were treated so well by your friends. I miss you so much. I hope that I get to see you again! Love you, sweetie!