Monday, December 22, 2008

~A walk in the park~

The other night Josh and I decided to take the 3 block walk down to Pioneer Park to check out the snow. Josh decided to get all "artsy" on me and got a few pretty great pictures! Unfortunately, there wasn't anybody other than us at the park, so we had to utilize the garbage cans and the timer mode on the camera!

I give you the Griswald Family Christmas Tree!


Nicole said...

So pretty!!! :) You two look wonderful!!!

Keren said...

Can I add you to my blog list????


Josh and Danielle said...

i don't know how to email you keren, so yes, you can add us if you'd like! we don't post all that often, because i'm sure nobody cares about everything we do! ha! no babies or anything like that for us to report on!